Trumped Nuts

It is possible to be completely silly and serious at the same time, and I constantly seek to walk that fence in my work. Since creating these subversive objects last year, I've been pondering the best way to share them. After taking several self-portraits, it dawned on me that other artists might join me in documenting the collective angst that the current American president has spawned around the world. I shared the idea for the 'Traveling Trumped Nuts Artist Selfie Project' via Instagram, and dare I say, the response was YUGE. 

This past week I shipped out 16 pairs of nuts to the first of 100+ artists who have signed up to take a selfie with a pair of these golden gonads. There are currently 19 countries and 26 states represented in this number. If you are interested in joining the project, please contact me for details. Also, I'm accepting donations to fund the project and keep these Trumped Nuts circulating until the world has been freed from this American nightmare. Thank you to everyone who has joined me in this visual resistance!

"The Trumped Nuts serve as wearable objects calling out the exhaustive buffoonery of American politics today and the negative influence it is breeding around the world. Two disparate groups voted the current president into office and continue to support him no matter the cost. They are represented in this pairing of low-brow truck nuts with old-school bow ties. The object is now a symbol of false bravado and self-serving hubris. I’m asking artists to clip on a pair of Trumped Nuts and take a self-portrait. This personal action/documentation by individual artists worldwide will serve as a collection of visual resistance to a threat that is consuming us all."