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Le Papier

Thirteen of my works on paper are included in Le Papier, an invitational exhibition of contemporary drawings and paper-made pieces in all forms and dimensions. I must extend a word of thanks to the staff at Dunedin Fine Art Center for all the precautions they took to protect artwork during Hurricane Irma two weeks ago. The exhibition was slated to open earlier this month, but the opening was postponed due to the impending hurricane. Despite plywood boarding up the damaged gallery windows the show is back on the walls and opens this Friday.
In the group exhibition, Le Papier, seven artists present works on (and of) paper. See the watercolors of Caitlin Albritton, Eva Avenue and Kristin Beauvoir. Paintings by Leslie Fry and Laine Nixon and the collages of Suzanna Scott. Finally, we remember painter, sculptor, printmaker + visionary, Roland Poska who died earlier this year. Poska had a solo show at DFAC in 2005 of his extraordinary pulp paintings and sculptures. Here, a small sampling of his enormous heart and soul, return to us.

Le Papier
Dunedin Fine Art Center
1143 Michigan Blvd., Dunedin FL
September 22 - December 24, 2017
Opening Reception: Friday, Sept 22nd 6-9pm

L'Origine Du Monde

In 1866 an Ottoman diplomat commissioned one of the most infamous paintings ever by French artist Gustav Courbet: 'L’Origine du monde' ('The Origin of the World'). The painting still to this day because of its very nature and realistic, graphic nudity, has the power to shock and trigger censorship. It pushed the idea of what is erotic, sensual and romantic to what is pornographic and unmoral.

"Eroticism is dependent not just upon an individual's
sexual morality, but also the culture and time
in which an individual resides.”
- Honore’ de Balzac

This exhibition brings together twenty-two artists, both local and International, with over sixty works of art ranging from painting and drawing to photography and sculpture. The show explores the ideas of sexuality, sensualism, romance, humor, innuendo and eroticism.
L'Origine Du Monde
Scarlet Seven Fine Art Gallery
137 4th Street, Troy, NY
August 25th - September 24, 2017
Reception: Friday, August 25th from 6-9pm

Exhibiting Artists: Michael Bergt, Nina Covington, Daniel Maidman, Reuben Negron, Julie Branch, Suzanna Scott, Colleen Lynch, Gary Masline, Mary Ellen Riell, Emily Lamb, Jeanne Ciravolo, Jon Gernon, Jeff Wigman, Yeachin Tsai, Jilian Platt, Frida Castelli, Corey Pitkin, Andrea Hersh, Rachel Gibson, Louis Braquet, Michael Bach, Chad Span

I Didn't Ask For This

Whitney Bell is a writer, artist, activist, fashion-designer and self-dubbed 'feminist bitch'. When she approached me about participating in this event I had to pause and re-read the intent of the exhibit before responding with a 'hell yes!'. This conversation is a little off-putting, provocative on so many fronts and most often kept from public discourse. The content of 'I Didn't Ask For This: A Lifetime of Dick Pics' is an unsolicited collection of male groin images that have been framed up in mis-matched vintage frames and placed in a reconstructed tableau of Whitney's cozy home.

As Whitney remarks in this interview she wants to "demonstrate the pervasive and invading nature of digital harassment. The content is relatable to so many women, which proves the necessity of opening up this discussion. The unsolicited dick pic is horrible, but what's worse is the fact that this is how little respect many men have for women," she says. "We think we have come so far but misogyny is just a prevalent as ever — whether that be a dick pic in your inbox, or a pussy grab from the president."

Along with the installation featuring the collection of unsolicited dick pics 'I Didn't Ask For This' will feature the work of a diverse mix of artists who span the spectrums of gender, race, and sexuality to give an intersectional perspective to sexual harassment in the digital age.

I Didn't Ask For This: A Lifetime Of Dick Pics
SOMArts Cultural Center • San Fransciso, CA
Friday, June 9th • 7pm - Midnight PDT
AND Saturday, June 10th • 11am - 4pm
Tickets Available Here

Glasshouse Interview

Lucy Vincent of Glasshouse Journal recently interviewed me over on their blog if you want to take a peek. The image featured here is 'Drip Drop' one of several new collage pieces up on my website.

Flora, Fauna & Entrails

I'm excited to announce the inaugural exhibit of my Fiber Fetishes collection and work here in our new home state of Louisiana. The family and I will be attending the opening this weekend so if you're in the New Orleans area please stop by, take a gander at all the fiber art and say hello!
Fabric and thread are inextricably bound to our everyday lives. Flora, Fauna, and Entrails brings together artists using fibers in their practice to explore the beauty and fragility of the nature around them. Flora, Fauna, and Entrails is Antenna’s fourth exhibition exploring the work of artists that expand on the potential of fiber in contemporary art practices while still being steeped in craft traditions.
Antenna presents:
Flora, Fauna, and Entrails
3718 St. Claude St, New Orleans
On view: April 8 – May 7, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday April 8, 6-10pm
Daily hours: Tuesday through Sunday 12-5 
Featuring fiber artists Linda Beach, Raina Benoit, Raluca Iancu, Gina Phillips, and Suzanna Scott.

UPDATE // A few images from the opening night. Also, several more pictures of the exhibition posted here.

Lee mis laVios

A grouping of twenty Coin Cunts is in Mexico City for their international debut in the exhibition lee mis laVios. This clever show title is a play on words meaning 'read my lips' with the capital letter 'V' symbolizing the vulva/vagina.

The exhibition, lee mis laVios, chooses to undress the vagina from its prejudices, fetishes and desires, aiming for the acceptance of its sexual naturalization.
Throughout traditional art history the vagina has been systematically excluded, its representations either fade under a translucent veil or are replaced by a sexless pubis. This absence of detail has transformed it into an obscene and indiscreet symbol.
The gesture of symbolizing the vagina becomes an excuse to avoid it. Masculine gaze has constructed a specific imagery around it, based on simultaneous desire-censorship and summing it up through fertility symbols, objects of desire or immoral impurities. Its materialization is either morbid or symbolic. Indeed, vaginas have lost their right to (re)present themselves.
Lee mis laVios unveils the vagina from its prejudices in order to confront it as it is. By analyzing its allegorical connections we deconstruct the structure that surrounds it.
Read my lips: a vagina is more than anything, a vagina. It does not require any validation by dignifying it through symbols. The vagina exists as it is, dignified and worthy of its being. Now it's time to make this evident. 
Participating artists include Jamie Martinez, Maisie Cousins, Suzanna Scott, Rosa Borras, Sara Lorusso and Los Ninxs.
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