Reform: Subversive Fashion

Last month I finished stitching over 100 'Coin Cunts' and shipped them off to Albuquerque, New Mexico. They will be included, along with work by four other artists, in an exciting counter-culture fashion exhibition opening Friday at Central Features Contemporary Art. This will be the largest installation of the 'Coin Cunts' thus far.

Photo by @clarkehere Clarke Condé

Missouri-based artist Suzanna Scott challenges visual and societal perceptions with Coin Cunts, a collection of coin purses. By turning each purse inside out to reveal and reform the different interior linings, Scott teases the imagination and sparks conversation about the ties amongst sexuality, gender, money, and fashion.

Nancy Zastudil, Central Features Contemporary Art
Contemporary fashion is in question and on display this Fall season at Central Features Contemporary Art. Cross programming and promotion is presented in conjunction with the exhibition ReFashion at form & concept in Santa Fe, NM. ReForm: Subversive Fashion is an exhibition of select garments, accessories, and other adornments that thwart conventional expectations. The exhibition features JUMPSUIT by The Rational Dress Society, an installation by Suzanna Scott, an interactive dress by Nina Silfverberg, collages by Kirsten Stolle, and new textile work by Sarah Wagner
August 26 - September 30
Central Features Contemporary Art
514 Central Ave SW #2, Albuquerque, NM
Opening Reception on Aug 26th, 6-8pm

Embrace rational dress! @rational_dress_society JUMPSUIT-making workshop held as part of the exhibition.

All exhibition images courtesy of Nancy Zastudil, 2016.