The 'Coin Cunt' project began in April 2015 when I was playing around with an old coin purse. I flipped it inside out, and saw a vaginal form emerge from my playful pinching and tucking. Using a needle and thread I stitched it into place. As I thought about it, I found so much association between the little pocket-like forms and the inferred suggestions that these new objects brought to mind. I began sharing the 'Coin Cunts' on social media and am amazed at the feedback it has provided. With a simple alteration these ubiquitous objects became evocative and their appeal provacative when I dubbed them 'Coin Cunts'. Aside from the chuckles, I've found that others can see in this project our assumed cultural associations of money and gender including equal pay, the right for women's rights to make decisions about their own bodies, prostitution, the porn industry, female genital mutilation, suppression of women, recent rise in labiaplasty, gender equality, unnatural body image ideals and the list continues to grow.

Suzanna Scott, 2016
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